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I will be using this space to provide information on all things lashes!

Let's get started with some FAQ..........

Q: How long does a full set take?

A: On average around 2 hours, however at the consultation a more approximate time will be confirmed once we have discussed the style you are looking for and I have inspected your natural lashes.

Q: How long do lash extensions last?

A: The retention can vary by person due to the individuals natural lash cycle however on average around 3 weeks as before an infill is required.

Q: Do I need a patch test if I have worn lash extensions before?

A: Yes, all new clients need a patch test and consultation.

Q: Do lash extensions damage the natural lashes?

A: No. As long as the correct weight, length, amount of glue and the after care advice is followed no damage will be caused.

Q: Can you feel the extensions?

A: No. When the correct application, weight of extensions and amount of glue is applied they are weightless. You won't know you are wearing them!

Q: I have worn lash extensions before and they didn't last a week is this normal?

A: No. There are some medical issues that can cause retention issues, however this is very rare and will be discussed at the consultation. Excessive extensions falling off will be due to poor application by the lash artist.

Q: Can I get my lash extensions wet?

A: Absolutely! Swim, shower, no problem. You should be washing your lashes twice as day with a foaming lash cleanser. (complimentary after care kit provided for all new clients)

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