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Mentoring Sessions Now Available!


With 7+ years experience and knowledge, a great client base, a thirst for consistent growth both on the practical & theory side of lashing I am now offering mentoring sessions! 


I thrive at encouraging others to grow, be confident, and find your own lane as growth for me (business & personal) is food for my soul.

£49 per hour, minimum 2 hours

Is mentoring right for you?

Whether you are new to the Lash Industry or you have been lashing for years mentoring can help you by receiving support and guidance on the areas you may find difficult.

Working on my own, not being able to check in with someone just to get that clarification and approval on what I am doing can sometimes be the thing that holds you back and mentoring can be the bit of support you need!

Why choose mentoring instead of a specific training course.......

With mentoring you can specify the areas you want to work on, discuss, focus on, whereas with a specific course that will be tailored to the subject only.

Mentoring is a great option if you want to home in on specifics techniques, need clarification on how something works, you want to discuss how to manage and grow your business, finding your client base and setting boundaries, working with glue (understanding how air & moitsure can affect and how to manage this) and so on............

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