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Semi permanent eyelash extensions are comfortable and natural, adding volume, thickness and length to your own natural lashes. I am able to create natural or glamorous looks depending on the clients' individual requirements using the Classic and Russian Volume techniques and with regular infills you are able to keep your lovely new lashes looking gorgeous everyday! 

Infills are required every 3 weeks on average, but this will vary for every client due to shedding cycles, lash health, after care practices and medications which we discuss at the consultation prior to your appointment.


1:1 Classic Set; 1 extension to 1 natural lash giving you a lovely natural look.  A great option for those clients wanting a bit more length.


Full Set £55

Infill £30


Hybrid lashes are a mix of classic and russian volume for those clients wanting something a bit fuller than a classic set but not a full as russian volume.


Full Set £60

Infill £35


Using the Russian Volume Technique 4-6 extensions per lash, great choice for those eyeliner wearers!

Infills required every 3 weeks




Using the Russian Volume Technique 2-3 extensions per lash, giving you a soft, natural, fuller lash.  A great choice for those clients wanting more volume & length.


Full Set £65

Infill £40


Using the Russian Volume Technique 4-6 extensions per lash resulting in a fuller lash.  Ideal choice for those eyeliner wearers!


Full Set £75

Infill £45


Mega Volume is for those clients want a dramatic dark lash!  Using 7-10 extensions per eyelash, creating a volumnious lash. 


Full Set £85

Infill £50