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Natural Lash Health

The most important part of an infill..............

Removing all outgrown extensions!

Why do we do this?

For the lash extensions that are yet to shed, they continue to grow with the natural lash. This, therefore, results in the extensions no longer sitting flush at the base of the natural lash, which balances the weight and keeps the natural lash healthy.

Removing outgrown extensions also keeps your lashes looking tidy but also minimizes the natural lash twisting, which can cause a slight pinching due to the weight of the extensions which has now grown to the tip of the natural lash causing it to twist.

Our natural lashes are in different stages of growth. Therefore, only the lashes that have seen significant growth will be removed, and that will really depend on when you return for your infills, the more time between appointments the more extensions will need to be removed and replaced.

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